NetBus Automation

NetBus Automation  What is Netbus Automation? 
It is an automation, enabling operations like coach commission accounts, sales inquiry, reservation inquiry and ticket sales, being executed from a single point and supporting a massive network around 7 regions.
  •  It supports multiple -various languages. 
  •  It operates online. It operates 24/7. 
  •  It enables live tracking for voyage occupancy rates. 
  •  It calculates commission via the accounting module. 
  •  It exhibits live agency ticket sale, cancel and cross returns.
  •  It striggers sales activity over Cash, POS and Virtual POS.
  •  It is a web-based application.
  •  It is safe by owing to the built-in firewall.
  •  It arranges flight tickets, coach ticket sale and reservation.
  • NetBus is a complete solution.
  •  It provides low cost.
  •  It enables fast, correct and secure information transfer.
  •  It is easily integrated.
  •  It increases sales revenue. It can be easily setup.